Since 2011, Label Noir has been dedicated to delivering exceptional lifestyle creations to you: from limited-edition premium watches in the early years to tech accessories and jewellery today.

Born in Switzerland and building on the country’s watchmaking heritage, we’ve grown into a global brand appealing to the discerning cosmopolitan customer who doesn’t want to settle for the expected, also – or even more – in the premium category.


Rather than being a traditional brand, we understand ourselves as a boutique collective of artists and designers, fascinated by objects that we infuse with deeper meaning. Applying refined craftmanship and unique designs, we make the extraordinary come to life. As a result, all the objects that are available to you at Label Noir aren’t merely functional but merge form, function, and emotion seamlessly into one.


Driven by relentless creativity and committed to going beyond the ordinary, we understand our task as being always one step ahead, surprising you – our customers –with new creations and designs. Our dedication to crafting the unexpected is reflected in everything we do: from our various product lines you can choose from to the overall Label Noir brand experience we seek to provide you with.

Explore our limited-edition watches, tech accessories and jewellery. If you have any questions or special requests, we will be happy to hear from you.